28 July 2013

Book & Blog

It's hard to believe sometimes that summers are never quite so long as you would like them to be.  In some ways I'm excited because the closer the school year comes the closer I am to finally being a college graduate.  But in others I wish it could continue indefinitely.

At least I can't really say I haven't done anything interesting this summer.  It's not often that you have a group of friends willing to do highly unusual activities in public, such as going to movies in your work clothes (it doesn't sound weird, but when you consider I work at a pioneer park it raises the peculiar factor of it all a few degrees).  The only thing I wish I could do more of is write music, but with a computer completely down and an overarching laziness that makes me unlikely to notate the good old-fashioned way, it doesn't really happen.

And so instead I guess I should probably start trying to actually write the book/libretto (music training in me begs that use the formal word) of my musical.  Not that I'm so far advanced in writing the music, but that I should at least get an idea of the sequence of events so that I can figure out where musical numbers should be placed.  Mostly the show, PRIDE, is going to be loosely inspired off events in my life since I'm only ever good at retelling and satirising true stories.

Speaking of stories, does anyone have a story in their life when you didn't feel as though you were being true to yourself or had lost all confidence in you or your abilities?  I would love some input and other ideas to possibly incorporate into the book.  Granted I don't actually know how many people actually read my blog.  I feel a little like Amy Adams in Julie & Julia when she wonders what her audience really is on her blog.  Am I currently watching that show?  Yes.  Does it make me want to cook and blog?  Very much so.  Anyway, comment or email or what have you if you want to help at all.  Maybe here in the future I can even post rough drafts of the script! ;)

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